Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello gang.

I'm happy to report that Dom feels great. Looks great, too. Our friend Glenda referred to him as being "the picture of health". Man, that was nice to hear.

Had a pretty uneventful week and a fun weekend.

Headed into Slidell on Thursday to visit Aunt Lou. Aunt Lou is still Aunt Lou. Cussing like 10 sailors.... and in her nineties! Thus far she hasn't been successful in finding an apartment. Owner of Preservation Hall in the Quarter called her while we were there. He owns alot of property in NOLA, and told her that he'd line her up with something nice. So.... that'll be alot less stress on us.

Christine is blowing into town for a couple weeks mid June to clean out her grandma's house and get it ready to put up for sale. Again... alot less of a financial liability for us.

Had a taste for Chinese food on Saturday, so headed into Bogalusa for our favorite buffet. Much to my delight on Saturdays they have pounds and pounds of boiled shrimp as well as awesome coconut shrimp. I don't want to go back on weekdays anymore. Stopped at the L&C to see the gang, but found out that they don't open until 2pm now. (They used to open at 8am on Saturdays! ) The bar is for sale. I guess that Johnny and Lisa don't want to mess with it anymore. Bummer.

Dom announced that he doesn't want to mess with the swimming pool anymore. I agreed. This led to a fun visit by Wendy and her wonderful boyfriend, Bubbie. They came over on Sunday, drank some beer, loaded up the pool and all of our supplies, had a burger and a fun visit. It was great to see them again.

Yesterday, Memorial Day, it was just the two of us. Had a very mellow day. Had baby back ribs on the grill, fresh sweet corn, baked beans and tabbouleh. Good stuff!

Lovely Linda surprised me with a phone call. She and Paul are going to meet me at the condo for a couple/three nights in June right before Christine flies in. I'm tickled. They're driving in from New Hampshire for the birth of Paul's grandchild. By the time they leave, Dom and Christine will head to the condo. Looks like poor Nan might be stuck at the beach for an entire week or so!

So- nothing exciting to report this week. Hope all is well with everyone. XOXO

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