Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another British Petroleum Rant

Looking For A Rosy Spin On The Gulf Spill? Try BP's Blog

There is a place where the Gulf oil disaster has a silver lining. Where brave BP employees forgo sleep and comfort in the name of the greater good. Where "aw shucks" fishermen don't hold grudges and say the spill isn't BP's fault. Where the environmental catastrophe serves to bring out the best in us and reminds us of the fragile beauty of the human condition. That place is BP's company blog.

The above piece is stomach turning to me. These BP executives are absolutely criminal.

While in Panama City Beach last week, I picked up a great, yet vulgar t-shirt. I wear it with pride. It's got an "oil spill" on it and reads:


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Four Winds said...

This situation has changed our world forever. Like Multiple Myeloma it is unstoppable and has turned the world into one of crisis management, if that is even possible.
Most people continue to see it as a "spill" not the reality that it is a volcano of oil gushing out into pristine waters, killing everything. I am angry, too, because I have a house in Florida and now do not feel I want to return at risk to my health as I know the conditions there will continue to go downhill.
Continue to rant and perhaps it will help to wake people up to how serious it is.