Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quickie Update

Hi gang-

Just a quick update. I hope to get back up to speed with photos tomorrow.

Our patient is well. Stomach a little queasy for the past week, but other than that feels great. He has an appointment with Dr. Safah, as well as an infusion, scheduled for Thursday. (Hasn't seen the doc for 3 months!)

It's unreal how time flies... July 17th will be his "1st Birthday".... already! He'll be getting all of his childhood immunizations again...just like a baby.

We went to PCB for a week on the Fourth, thus the lack of posts. Had a blast, as per usual.


Christine said...

Pics look great! This one of dad looks extra beachy with all the toys behind him!

I have the 16th as his birthday, so I'm glad you posted the 17th! I have sent a card and will be calling. did you come up with something fun to do? I vote take him to his favorite restaurant, tell them it's his birthday so they'll bring out dessert and sing! heeeeeeee!

Dom and Nan said...

Honey...he's SO OVERWHELMED with "reality", that he's not having fun.

Going to Dr. Safah tomorrow... after a good visit, I'll suggest a steak in bed or something.

(Maybe I'll do dessert singing nekkid!)