Friday, July 16, 2010

Dr. Safah is "Very Pleased" with Dom's Health

Hi gang-

We spent the day at Tulane yesterday. He had his monthly infusion of Zometa, and a check up with Dr. S. for the first time in 3 months. She's pleased with his progress. He feels "Almost 100%". He was complaining about a pain in his neck (other than his wife), so she ordered an xray. She's confident that it's muscular and not skeletal.

HCT: 32.5
WBC: 4.5
ANC: 2400

Tomorrow will be his 1st Birthday. It's been an entire year since the Stem Cell Transplant! Unreal. We often talk about how we "lost" a couple of years. It seems like a big blur.

Anyway, they started giving him his childhood immunizations yesterday. Just like a little baby! Mind boggling!

Tomorrow, for his New Birthday, we're going to attack 4 pounds of Snow Crab, a pound of Boiled Shrimp, some Sweet Corn and a little bit of 3 Bean Salad.

Sooo.... enjoy your weekend, gang. We'll be doing the same!

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