Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to the Beach....and an Unwanted Visitor

Hi gang-

Now that Dom got rid of his ma's home, he's all smiles.  It was difficult to keep up with cancer, 2 homes,  a condo and his 3 nagging women.... (myself and the 2 cats)

Much to my delight he's all for heading back to PCB tomorrow for a long Holiday weekend.  Weather report looks great.  Friends tell me that the water has cleared up.  Fireworks on the beach both Sunday and Monday night.  Can't wait.

I used the riding lawn mower today to spiff up the yard.  I was zipping around when I hit the brakes for what was a beautiful snake.  We looked at each other for a few seconds.  I was tempted to let him go, but was afraid that he was poisonous.  So, I lifted my legs high and ran him over.  Yuckers.

Dom came out with a shovel and knife to put him out of his misery.  He chopped off his head and sure enough....It was a copperhead... retractable fangs.... rubbing the back of a knife in his mouth caused the fangs to come out.  Creepy.

Told Dom that I felt bad for killing him, but he might have gotten my kitties.  Dom said, "Eff the cats....I was just weed-wacking here the other day!"   LOL

So....thought I'd post a picture of his twin brother.

Have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend, gang.  We love you guys!

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