Friday, September 17, 2010

A New Car, an Old Friend, a Healthy Husband....What a GREAT WEEK!

Hi Gang!

Happy Friday to all of you.  It's been a wonderful week... very busy, but nothing but good stuff!

Had a very pleasant weekend.... went to our local Chinese Buffet which features shrimp on their weekend menu.  Somehow, I managed to eat my weight in boiled shrimp, fried shrimp and coconut shrimp.  Dom jokes that they're going to start locking the door when they see us pull in.

The rest of the weekend consisted of watching football, cooking and relaxing.

Wednesday was fun, fun, fun!  After emailing Bryan Mitsubishi back and forth awhile, Dom and I took a drive into Metairie, LA to look at cars.  My original intent was to order a 5 speed manual.  However, I feel in love with one on the lot.  I don't remember what they call it, but you can drive it as an automatic, or drive it as a 4 speed.... it's not a paddle shift, but similar.

SOLD!  We couldn't just write 'em a check.... otherwise they'd have to hold it for 10 days.  Nanette needs INSTANT GRATIFICATION....  so, off we went to get a Cashiers Check.

We had a couple hours to kill before they were done detailing it, so we met dear longtime friend, Chris, at the Shimmy Shack in River Ridge.  Had a fun visit.  The boys loved their catfish.  I was a little disappointed in my 1/2 ground meat  1/2 hot sausage patty.  It knocked me out the last (and first) time we ate there.  Alas, the thrill is gone...back to my RiverShack next time!

Went back to the dealership and picked up my little beauty.  God, how I LOVE this car.  It's so much fun to be back into a sports car once again!

On Thursday, we took the Eclipse to the VA Hospital in Biloxi.  Dom was scheduled for his 3 month visit to his Oncologist over there.  As he had changed his appointment date, we ended up being seen by Dr. Roger's Nurse Practitioner. Her name was Becky, and she was as sweet and helpful as could be.  We're really impressed with the Biloxi VA.  She wished us a Happy Holloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and sent us on our way for 3 or 4 months.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite bbq joint, The Shed.  I told Dom to go ahead and have a beer or two, but I was drinking Diet Coke.  He looked surprised.  I explained that I'd be "Wildly Careening" through the curves on the way home, and didn't want to have beer breath if I got pulled over in our dry County.

Did a little running around today.  Dom is looking forward to spending Sat. night in Metairie with Chris.  They're going to a Gun Show.  On Sunday, he's going to a Custom/Restored Car Show with Dennis and spending the night with him.

Nanette is looking forward to solitude, football, corned beef and beer!  Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Christine said...

Love all the good news!! Love the car--yeehaw! Love you!