Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PCB in the Winter- Deserted and Just Heavenly!

We had a great week.  Left here on Wed. morning and headed to the beach.  Much to our delight, PCB was empty.  You could've shot a cannon down Front Beach Road.

Water was gorgeous, temps around 70 degrees.  Nobody at the indoor pools.  Perfect for walking on the beach. 

Our favorite local bartender, Donn, met us over at Coyote Ugly on Wednesday afternoon when he got off of work.  We had a couple of beers with him.  We've made a marvelous new friend.  Donn, if you're reading this, we love you, man!  (And enjoy your friendship).

The Majestic Beach Resort was empty.  There were more guys power washing and painting balconies than there were guests at the joint.  Can you imagine doing this at 22 stories?  Yikes!

Joe and Ping joined us on Friday afternoon for a couple of days.  Had a ball. Ping cooked us a yummy dinner on Friday night.  On Saturday morning, Joe and I walked to the County Pier a mile away.  Struck up a conversation with a retired Canadian.  Enjoyed watching the guys and gals catch flounders and octopus.  It never occurred to me that there were octopuses in the area.  

Later, we went over to Rock-it Lanes, sat in the sports bar, and had a great lunch.  Dom headed over to visit Donn, while Ping, Joe and I bowled 10 frames!  The first time I've bowled in 33 years.... my 158 average has dropped to 85.  *smiling*  Yet, it was enough to beat those guys!  What great fun we had! They snuck out while we were still sleeping on Sunday morning.... like two thieves in the night!

The Saints game was not televised locally, so we strolled back to our sports bar and watched the game on a big screen in HD.   Who Dat, Baby!

Dom dragged me home-  kicking and screaming-  on Monday morning.  After loading up a gorgeous Miller Lite neon light from our Donn. 

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Sandy said...

I thought about y'all when I was driving through from Washington state to return to my beloved Florida... for a few weeks before I head further south and back to Colombia.
Glad to hear you are both enjoying things so much...