Monday, October 29, 2012

Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Accused of Fraudulent Claims

Monsanto has been working overtime to salvage its increasingly poor image as the state of California is fighting to ensure that GMO (genetically modified organism) products are labeled. The California Right to Know campaign has fought on behalf of California’s proposition 37, set to be voted on by voters on Election Day that mandates all GMO products be labeled. But Monsanto has fought to counter Proposition 37 through the "No on 37" campaign, which is now beingaccused of fabricating a quote by the FDA that implies the agency is opposed to GMO labeling.


According to data collected by California’s Department of Campaign Finance, the largest donors to the "No on 37" campaign are Monsanto, at $4,208,000 and DuPont, at $4,025,200, since the ballot initiative was first approved in May. Others include Pepsico, NestlĂ©, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, General Mills, J.M. Smucker, Ocean Spray, and Hormel Foods.
The quote in question is as follows: "The US Food and Drug Administration says a labeling policy like Prop 37 would be 'inherently misleading.' "
According to the California Right to Know campaign, the FDA never issued such a statement. Natural News reports, “The FDA never actually issued such a statement, of course, as the law prohibits the agency from taking an official position on the matter. But for its own malicious purposes, the No on 37 campaign decided to affix both the quote and the FDA seal on its campaign propaganda in an attempt to sway public opinion against the measure.”

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