Monday, October 22, 2012

What a FUN Weekend! (Chris, Christy, Tony and the Gals)

This weekend will go down into the memory books for all involved!

I'm posting these pics in batches, much for Christy and Tony.

Background....  Dom and I have had a warm relationship with "Chris and Linda" for nearly 30 years.  He remains one of Dom's dearest friends.

Their daughter, Christy, was here often as a young child..... clambakes, weekend parties, etc.  I've always love the gal and considered her a surrogate daughter.

She's now a grown woman with a wonderful husband, Tony and 3 little girls.... Simone (7), Olivia (9) and Sadie (14).

Christy and I have maintained a warm relationship over these years, and we thought it would be fun for her girls to see "the country".  We had a blast!  Little Simone (the CHARMER) said that it was "the best day of her life".  Their 4 month old puppy, Pepper, stole our hearts.  What a little doll!  She had a blast running around the property, swimming, hay-riding and protecting the family from the howling coyotes at around 3am.  We loved that puppy!  (She can SPEAK, SIT, ROLL OVER and CRAWL ON HER BELLY already!)

Anyway, Chris arrived on Friday morning.  He and Dom went out for the day.  Meanwhile, I made homemade Corn Meal Mush, boiled some wheat-berries for scrambled eggs, made some pasta salad for dinner, and just relaxed.

Christy, Tony and the girls arrived on Saturday.  During the day, my boys had fun with their guns.  (Think WWIII)

We had a camp-out, the gals went fishing, played pool, shot darts, played foos-ball, went for boat rides, took rides with Tony on the 4-wheeler back in the woods, carved a pumpkin, loved the roasted seeds, went on a hayride, returned to lit tiki torches and a big bonfire, made 'smores, then were treated to a great fireworks display from "Uncle Dominic".  It delighted us that they were comfortable referring to us in that manner, as their maw had always done so!

Had a pleasant barbeque..... chicken, sweet corn and pasta salad.  Actually, it started as a BBQ, but after a fire, ended up in the oven.... long story.  LOL

Had a cold night in the tents, but the gals were troopers.... and enjoyed their breakfasts!  (Had never had corn meal mush or boiled wheat, something that I grew up on in Ohio)

They hit the road by noon on Sunday after a long walk in the woods.  Dom and I enjoyed an EXCITING Saints game and relaxed for the rest of the day.

You might grow bored of the pics, but these are basically for the family and our memories.  (With this painfully slow dial up, I can't entertain the thought of emailing photos.... plus, I want them to last!)

We love you guys!  Looking forward to your next visit..... and seeing my Pepper again!  (And getting the girls to PCB next summer!)

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