Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to Biloxi- VA Hospital

We had a 10 am appointment with the VA's Oncologist assigned to Dom.  Nice, nice gal-  Dr. Rogers.  She took her time with us, which was appreciated.  (As did the other VA doctor a couple of weeks ago).

She said that his thyroid is a bit sluggish-  no big deal.

Gave him a 1000 microgram shot of B-12 and a prescription for B-12 to promote Red Blood Cell growth.  This will also prevent permanent nerve damage.

She asked that we have Dr. Safah fax her all bloodwork results in the future.

She gave us a month of Thalidomide..... that would have been $200+ .  Now we just need to call her once per month and she'll mail it to us.  Wants a follow-up appointment the end of January. By then, we should know if the Thalidomide is doing its' thing and hopefully start preparing for a stem cell transplant.

So, it was again another pleasant and productive day.

Stopped for Chinese on the way home.   Didn't get home until 4pm.  It was a full day.

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