Tuesday, October 28, 2008

VA Stuff

We had an appointment with the local VA gal yesterday.  Cindy Smith.  She's a doll.  Even though she works for the VA, she acts as more of a patient advocate than a Fed.  She's been getting the ball rolling for a possible disability check, set Dom up for VA hospital visits, etc.

Yesterday, she filled out a 2nd form that the VA wanted to verify Agent Orange contamination....when he was "in country", etc.  She said that perhaps by Christmas, we'll be approved.

Unfortunately, this time of year, they're dealing with a skeleton crew.... everyone is trying to use up their vacation time before they lose it on Jan 1st, thus, our claim will probably move slowly.

We just love this gal.  When I thanked her for being so helpful and so wonderful, she knocked us out by answering:  

"It's my privilege to work for Dominic.  If he hadn't fought for our country, I wouldn't be here".


So, we returned home feeling warm and fuzzy thoughts about the VA.  Sorted our mail.  Found something from those folks.

A bill for almost $200 for medications.

As it turns out, our private insurance is cheaper than the co-pay from the VA!!!

Naive Nanette was under the impression that the VA was sending us all of these meds free of charge.  So much for yesterdays' warm and fuzzies.  

I have spent the last 2 hours counting pills, pricing them online with our health plan, trying to figure out when they can be renewed., what we need new prescriptions for, etc.

It's only a little after 10:30 am, and I already have a bit of a headache.


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