Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Hell With The Prostate

Dominic and I have decided to blow-off the Prostate Biopsy for awhile.

Dr. Safah is out of town, attending a seminar.  Her nurse, Amy, spoke to doc's partner who said that it would be OK to go off of the Thalidomide and Coumadin for awhile.

We've come to the conclusion that since Prostate Cancer is such a slow-moving disease, we're going to focus all of our energy on the Multiple Myeloma treatment.  Dom doesn't want to stall the treatment for a biopsy.  He wants to finish up this treatment, and then get the transplant over with.

I've left a message for the Urologist's office to call....will explain the situation and cancel Monday's biopsy.

We have an appointment with Dr. Safah in a couple of weeks, when we'll discuss "this prostate business", as Dom refers to it.    *smiling*

But, for now, our attitude is "WHAT PROSTATE TROUBLE???"

(And you know what?  It feels good!)

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