Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids, Clambake and French Quarter

Well, gang-  it's been a fun, fun week!

Christine and Michael blew into town on Saturday.  We had a clambake and hayride on Sunday-  dear friend, Chris brought the clams this year-  picked up 100 luscious Cherrystones.  Polished most of 'em off, too.

Spent the day in Bogalusa on Monday.  Pleasant, pleasant time.  Hung out with Richard McM and his guys at the L & C.  Also caught a Chinese buffet for lunch.

Tuesday was TOO MUCH fun-  booked a couple of rooms at the Prince Conti Hotel.  They checked us in early- prior to noon.  Had a great lunch at the Deja Vu.  Spent the day bar-hopping.  Met up with one of Christine's old college buddies, Liz, and her husband Sef.

Ended up at a bar on Pirates Alley that served Absinthe.  Sef and I were the only ones who indulged.  I really enjoyed the ritualistic aspect of the drink.  The glass was placed on a lighted base. They placed a sugar cube on a slotted spoon, drizzling the absinthe over it.  They then dripped ice water on top of the cube.

Meanwhile, the illuminated concoction swirled in the glass-  looking like little green Fairy Wings.....  Thus the term,  "Chasing the green Fairy".  Was hoping for Wormwood hallucinations, but sadly not.  Yummy, though!

Stopped at a joint for some overpriced "sipping Tequila"..... then, onto the Bombay Club for a couple of martinis.

Yours Truly was poured into the hotel elevator at around 12:30.  Michael returned to his room at around 1am.  Those devil-dancers, Dom and Christine came rolling home close to 3 am.

Great fun was had by all.  *smiling*

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