Friday, December 12, 2008

Dominic Update

Dom wanted me to announce on the blog that he had "TWO SHITTY DAYS AT TULANE" this week.

Went in to the Tulane Urology Clinic on Wed. afternoon for his PROSTATE BIOPSY. It rained cats and dogs all the way there and home (during rush hour), his nurse was a bitch, Dr. Lee breezed in and out much too quickly, as a different doc did the biopsy.

His butt hurt and he got grumpy. *giggling* We'll find out the results in "a week or two". I'm going to start bugging them on Monday afternoon. I feel pretty confident that this is just a case of an enlarged prostate. *crossing my fingers*
Moving right along to Thursday:

Woke up to snow. Drove morning rush hour through snow and sleet. Jacknifed 18 wheelers, cars in ditches, bridges shut down, the works. Dom's fanny still hurt and he got grumpy. *snickering*

In theory, his 2 hour Aredia infusion was to be at 10:30 am. At some point, Dr. Safah was to swing by to visit him.

In actuality, it took THREE different gals to finally get a vein that "didn't roll", or that wasn't "too small". They finally drew the needed blood at 11am, and put an order in for the Aredia.

Now, Dom's hands, arms and butt hurt. He was really, really grumpy.

The blood lab didn't give the nurses his results until after 1:30 PM. (Couldn't do the infusion until they checked his numbers). We didn't get out of there until almost 4pm. Luckily, the roads were clear, and I drove like a madwoman on the way home.
Today, as expected, Dom has spent the day in bed. At least he doesn't fight it anymore. He realizes that this is going to be a monthly thing.....

So, today, he feels like he's been run over by a truck, his eyes hurt, his butt hurts and he's really, really, really grumpy. But, at least he's between the sheets with the curtains drawn and resting comfortably.
Here's what's in the works, medically:

Appointment with Dr. Safah on Jan. 8th, followed by his infusion that afternoon. This will be 4 months of Thalidomide treatment. She's going to test his blood to see if his plasma cell count dropped. Four months is normally when you see some action.

She'll let us know a week later.

We were both under the impression that he'd be hospitalized for the stem-cell transplant in late January. She basically told us, "Not so fast..... just keep doing what you're doing, and we'll take a look at your blood in a month.... this might be a long process".

Tonite, he's back on the Coumadin.
So, that's the scoop, kids. Thankfully, Dom has little-to-no interest in this blog. He won't see that I'm talking about his butt. That would get him REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GRUMPY!

Happy Friday!

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