Saturday, December 27, 2008


L-R, Christine, Ric, Dom, Nan and Dom's cousin Joe from Pensacola

Hi gang. It's sure been a whirlwind couple of weeks.

Well, I'm pretty bummed out. Dropped my brother Ric off at the airport early this morning. Geez, time is a bizarre thing. None of can believe that he was here for 10 days.

The above pic was taken on Monday. The 5 of us booked 3 rooms at the Prince Conti in the French Quarter. Bummed around bar-hopping all day, then had a FABULOUS Reveillon Dinner at Muriel's on Jackson Square.

Earlier in the day, we were introduced to one of the waiters while in the Deja Vu. The guy's name was "CHAD", and he took excellent care of us. What a neat place.
Our "patient" is doing "OK". I had to take him to the ER yesterday. None of our medical team was in on the day after Christmas, so we dropped Christine and Ric off at a bar (for FOUR HOURS), and went to the Bogalusa LSU Hospital.

He'd been having intestinal trouble for 4 days, dehydrated, dizzy, etc. Immodium wasn't working.

So..... they ran some bloodwork. He's low on Potassium. Low on Calcium (from the MM), blood pressure was great..... did it after laying down for 2 minutes, while sitting up for 2 minutes, and then standing up. Said he wasn't dehydrated, gave him a prescription and sent us home. I'm imagining just some type of virus. The pills seem to be working, as he's out of bed sitting with Christine.

Other than that, Dom has been doing pretty well. The cancer is wearing him down, but he's keeping a good attitude. Thanks for all of the emails and good wishes.

Love to all of you-

Nan and Dom


JANIE said...

Hey Nan, thanks for aking about my mom. She is okay I guess, pain meds and what not are keeping her happy. One of her ass cheeks is as black as night, but all in all she is doing pretty well. I love the picture. Christine looks alot like Dom. Hope Dom is feeling O.K. We think of him often.

K*Funk said...

Great picture!! And I'm sure Christine didn't mind being dropped off at a bar for 4 hours.... :)
I'm glad you all are having a good holiday. Warm thoughts are with you!