Friday, January 16, 2009

1:25 AM phone call this morning- Ma is in hospital-

Well, gang- it was another LONG DAY. The phone woke us up at 1:25 am this morning. It was Dom's Aunt Lou saying that his ma was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Lou got up to go to the bathroom around 1am. She noticed the living room light on. Then she spotted ma laying on the floor. She was conscious, but couldn't get up. There was a pool of blood next to her.

Lou called 911. Paramedics hooked her up to an IV and took her away. Mrs. M had vomited the blood.

She was in the ER until they got her a room at 9am. While she was in the ER, they hooked her up to a "Telemetry Monitor" that is constantly being watched for the rate and rhythm of her heart. She was hooked up to a catheter and a Saline drip. Also had an EKG.

Her doctor (who I have no fondness for) arrived at 9:40 am. The guy has absolutely NO bedside manner. All that I could get out of him was that he'd ordered a scope..... upper GI.... thought that perhaps it was a bleeding ulcer, and the scope would determine where it was located and how large it was.

Then off he went. Asshole. I've never liked the guy..... tried to warm up to him many years ago, but the guy has no personality at all.

At around 11:30 am, they wheeled her down for the scope. Knocked the old gal out. Talked to her specialist, Dr. Dugan, an hour later. She was a DOLL. She said that there was absolutely NO evidence of bleeding. No blood. No oozing. Saw that she had acid reflux and a bunch of AVMs (Arterial Venus Malformations) which are blood vessels close to the surface which can spring leaks. However, there was no sign of damage.

Said that an x-ray showed that she was impacted.... about 3 days worth of stool in her colon.. Thought that perhaps this could have caused her nausea, and she could have thrown up a clot while retching. (12 hours later, there was no blood left). This makes no sense to me, but nevermind.

So, said that she was going to have ma's nurses do some enemas, try to clean her out, and then we'll discuss further action. As she's 94 years old, the doc didn't want to put her through a colonoscopy. She's just going to play it by ear. Try to make her feel better physically.

Said that her hemoglobin was "very good" and that no blood needed to be replaced.

Meanwhile, something showed up on the Telemetry Monitor. They took her for an Echo Cardiogram, and then put a Halter Monitor (spelling?) on her. That will be removed in 24 hours and a specialist will look at the print out, getting the "big picture".

Ma managed to rip out her IV, and that had to be replaced.

We left as the enema team arrived. *cringing* No further tests have been ordered. Dom is going back in to visit and get the scoop tomorrow.
This is like DEJA VU for me. My mom went through many falls..... every test imagineable, and they never did identify what the problem was. Surmised it was poor circulation due to her diabetes.

I can picture the same thing happening with Dom's mom. One test after another with no answers.
Sooooo.......that's the story. She needs a good cleaning out and they're looking at her heart.

Kindly send good wishes.......I'll update when I hear something.


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