Monday, January 26, 2009

The ULTIMATE Burger!

Well, gang.......... my 25 year quest for New Orleans' best burger is over. Oh, my GAWD! Linda, her son Bryson, her boyfriend Paul and I took a cab into the Quarter on Saturday.

We got to the Port of Call around 3pm..... even at that strange hour, there was barely standing room at the bar. (I snatched these photos from Google.... they weren't taken Sat.)

We drank $10 Monsoons. Rum based and fruity....big plastic cups pictured.

We all had mushroom cheeseburgers (pictured). Half pounders. Served with big-ass baked potatoes.

Dom has to go to Tulane on Thursday for some blood work..... guess where we're going for lunch?

This joint is going to be a "must stop" when I've got you guys in from out of town. What a fun, fun place!
(What a flippin' GOLD MINE!!!!)

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