Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi gang-

I finally went to my new Rheumatogist yesterday. A nice, nice gal in Covington. Indian or Pakistani.... really liked her.

Dr. Culasso had run blood work on me in August, and told me to get to a specialist. It had been 3 years.

Got "kind of" good news. She said that my RH levels were sky-high (in August), and she was shocked that I wasn't in horrible pain. Thankfully/luckily, the Rheumatoid Arthritis still hasn't manifested itself.

She said that SOMETHING is going on, and might send me for a bone scan. She took more blood, and I'll see her in a week. She completely ruled out any kind of cancer. So, I walked out of her office feeling pretty fortunate.
Ma is still in the nursing home. She's not eating, and having difficulty with physical therapy. She's still unable to walk herself into the bathroom. Dom and I are going to swing by on the way back from Tulane on Thursday.
Thursday is our "big day"! Running into New Orleans for some blood work. One week later, we'll find out if the Thalidomide is working. That will be the first time we know anything. Both of us are quite excited. We're looking for a big increase in his T-Cells.

That's all for now. Happy Wednesday, gang!

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