Friday, February 6, 2009

Frustrating Tulane Visit Yesterday

Well, gang.... yesterday was SO DISAPPOINTING!

We arrived for our appointment with Dr. Safah with great anticipation. This was the day that we'd FINALLY learn something after 4 months of Thalidomide treatment.


We were met with a blank stare when we asked about last week's blood work. "HUH? What blood work?". *pouting*

She and her nurse went to investigate, returned and said that the results weren't in yet. I don't believe that for a moment. They do the work right there at the Cancer Center. I think that they lost his results. So.......... back to the lab for more blood work. She promised to call us next week when she got the results.

Dom's forearm has been hurting him, so she sent him across the walkway to Tulane Hospital for xrays. (we do NOT want another lesion/tumor.... that would screw things up) She banged the hell out of the bone, and Dom didn't feel any pain..... it's just an occasional thing.... she's confident that it's not cancer, but wanted to be sure.

Then came the monthly Aredia infusion. Went by quickly. As expected, today, our patient is in bed with the drapes shut. He's not nearly as bad as he was previous months. Perhaps his body is adjusting to these flu-like side effects.
Something kind of creepy. We've heard it before, but it's difficult to hear it verbalized. I asked the doctor about "stages" of this disease. I read about stage 1, 2 and 3. She said that upon his diagnosis 4 months ago, he was almost a ZERO. Smiling, she went on to say that without the transplant, Dom would survive another FOUR YEARS. (as if this was good news). Both of us cringed, then she apologized, but said that she wanted to answer/explain everything honestly.

This really sucks, you guys. He feels good. Looks good. Hasn't lost anymore weight. The thought that his health could deteriorate within 4 years literally makes me cry.

But, as Dr. Culasso says, "Don't look in the ditch" ( keep your eyes forward..... continue towards your destination without looking at fiery car crashes in the ditch, thinking that it could have been YOU! Don't fuck around with what COULD happen..... just keep on going)

So, will hopefully know something within the week. Already have next month's doctors appointment and Aredia transfusion scheduled. *sighing*

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