Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not much to report, but some positive stuff....

Not a whole lot new, but a couple of neat things:


Dom and I had to go visit the VA's Oncologist today. Had a very pleasant drive along the Gulf of Mexico into Biloxi. Although she (nor we) have gotten the "big results" back yet, she had been faxed Dom's latest bloodwork from Tulane last week.

She was very happy that #1: His Hemoglobin is UP. (I haven't googled this, so have no idea what Hemoglobin is, but nevermind!) This was a positive thing- an improvement from September's numbers.

She was also happy that #2: His Protein levels were back to normal.... another improvement since September.

After poking him, prodding him, listening to his heart, etc., she said, "I think that you're going to get some good news from Tulane!".

I thanked her sincerely, telling her that this had been the very FIRST feedback that we've gotten since the Thalidomide/Aredia treatment began 4 months ago.

Don't have to go back to her (Ginger Rogers, MD) for another four months...... so that's out of the way.
Mrs. M. is being sprung from the old folks home tomorrow. This is a great relief for Dom, and will give him a break from driving back and forth to Slidell constantly.

(My original thought was that it would be a "good thing" to have her in a nursing home for awhile so Dom could concentrate on himself. Sadly, it did just the opposite.... he was back and forth nonstop.)

He'll be meeting with the social worker, physical therapists and home health broad'll be good to have her back home.
I went to my new Rheumatologist yesterday. (Christ, it's been a long week, and it's only WED!) Looking at my bloodwork from a couple of weeks ago, she's shocked that I'm not in horrible pain. Said that my antibodies are all over the place.... way out of wack. Even said that I might be a "LUPUS CARRIER".

Said I'm awfully lucky to not experiencing any symptoms that would normally have manifested themselves.

Oh great.... Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.... a couple of Auto-Immune diseases. *rolling my eyes*

I feel like a million bucks, so no big deal. She suggested that I "not look for them". (She's a Pakastani gal who I love). Reminded me of Dr. C's "don't look in the ditch" mentality. It works for me.

I'll update as soon as I hear about Dom's latest results.

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