Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today, Tuesday-

I'd woken up with post nasal drip last Wed..... must have picked up some kind of crud in the French Quarter last weekend.... by Thursday, it was my full-blown upper-respiratory/bronchitis crap.

Went to visit handsome Dr. Culasso today. Got a shot in the fanny, antibiotics, steroids and cough suppressants. As well as his annual warning to "cool it" on the cigarettes.... that's what gets me into trouble around once per year.... sometimes leading to hospitalizations. *sighing*

Meanwhile, Dom spent a couple of hours with ma. Talked to her nurses..... they basically said that they don't want to rush anything, and rather than the 2 weeks her doc mentioned, it'll be closer to a total of 6 weeks for rehab. (Which is fine with me, but I hate Dom driving back and forth constantly.... an hour each way to Slidell, then a couple hours at the facility....that makes for a long, tiring day for him).

We're looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, then getting "the news" on Thursday.

Anyway...... cross your fingers for us on Thursday. Love you guys....

Nan and Dom

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