Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We had a fun, fun weekend!

On Saturday, "cousin Joe" from Pensacola blew into town and spent a few hours with his Aunt. Took her outside for awhile.... spent some nice quality time. As you can tell, I've grown quite fond of our Joe..... crazy about the guy.

Afterwards, he came here. We had a lovely time. I cooked him a corned beef and cabbage, we sipped on beer, switched to Sweet Tea Vodka/Water on the rocks, then ended up with martinis. Did I tell you guys that he's "not much of a drinker"? *rolling my eyes and grinning*

Dom made breakfast on Sunday morning, Joe took off noonish, I dusted off my TERRIBLE TOWEL and we snacked all day. Dom has perfected his Buffalo Wings.... if any of you out there are interested in deep frying the little guys, let me know. Geez! They were the ultimate.

Was very much into the game..... and proud of my STEELERS!

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