Friday, July 10, 2009

Another easy day!

Hello again!

Yesterday afternoon/evening was very pleasant. Went to a joint on our service road...City Diner... (MAYBE 1/2 mile from here). Had a few cold beers. Dom had a monster breakfast, and I had a club sandwich. Very pleasant. I have no doubt that I'll often stop there on the way home from Tulane, order a sandwich to go, and sip on a beer while I'm waiting.

Met a few of the powers-that-be there. Very pleasant folks. One gal recognized me from the pic I use on a local food forum. Tickled me!

As we were on our way out, I asked the manager/owner ??? about the bar right around the corner... the Sanctuary. We thought we'd pop in for a quick beer before rushing home to Big Brother.

Glad that I asked. Jason told us that it was a lesbian bar, and they wouldn't have even allowed Dom in the door. There was a strip place next door, but Dom wanted no part of that, either.

Had a 10:30 appointment for Dom's infusion this morning.... we were outta there in an hour. Stopped at "my" new Rouses and did some shopping. Loved the joint. Beer prices were I need to find a discount cigarette shop.... there's loads of 'em in our old area....haven't seen anything here yet.

Came home, unpacked groceries, then I did some laps in the pool. Other than that, nothing. Had a tuna-melt for dinner, and hitting the sack early. Neither of us have slept much, and we have to be back at Tulane for 8am.

Happy Friday!

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Christine said...

love the updates! so glad everything is going as well as it can be! Dad sounded good this am when I talked to him! I'll give a call tomorrow too to see how things are going. love you lots and I'm so glad you are having some fun--you deserve it since DAD IS SOOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A LOVING, DOTING WIFE!!! :) xoxox