Sunday, July 26, 2009

His Stem Cells are Cooperating!

Today is a great day, gang. Dom's stem cells are doing their thing. White Blood Cell and ANC count are beginning to rise:

Day +9
HCT: 26.0
WBC: 0.3
ANC: 300
PLATELETS: 47 got platelets to bring them up to 66

Our patient is finally able to swallow. He hasn't had the violent diarrhea for hours. He's still not allowed to eat or drink anything...just chew on ice chips. They began feeding him through his Pic Line. This might be the reason that his Sodium Level shot up..... making him a little "loopy" on top of the Morphine.

The weekend doctor came in and was pleased. He told us, "All that we've done is stick our finger in the dike, Dominic. Your white blood cells are fighting off the infection on their own!". There's still a team of surgeons keeping an eye on him, but things are looking good.

HAPPY Sunday, gang.... it is for us!

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