Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Great "Day +1"

All is groovy, gang. Spent a couple/three hours with our patient this morning. He's looking as good as ever....feeling the same way.

Going to post his blood numbers now, then a bit of info about the days to come and medicines that he's on:

HCT: 28.6

WBC: 2.8

Dr. Lewis, who we really like, was the attending physician today. I questioned him about days to come. He said that he WILL "bottom out". White Blood Cells will reach ZERO for some time. He went on to say that during this phase (can't remember what he called it, but picture an up/down graft.... when Dom reaches the bottom, he'll stay there for awhile before shooting back up) some patients don't even realize where they're at. As I'm keeping track of his numbers, I'll know..... but some patients breeze right through it- let's hope that's the case with our dear patient)
He's currently getting the following:

* antibiotic, due to a fever on the 15th. NO FEVER NOW.
* prevent mouth ulcers. His mouth is extremely dry now...water doesn't seem to help.
*Neupogen... boosts his white blood cell count
*Lovenox....a blood thinner....had that blood clot....shoots it in his gut twice a day
*Oral Rinse...4 times daily...not allowed to use a toothbrush

Dom walked a bit today, did a MILE on the exercise bike, breathing exercises, and some other physical stuff that his therapist instructed him on. He's feeling great.
Doctor Nanette blew out of there prior to noon. (Not feeling guilty, as he was feeling so good) Hung out at the pool, did 50 lengths in between ciggies and beer!) Lovely Linda is coming over tomorrow for the day....gonna frolic in the pool and make merriment all over the place!

Happy Saturday, gang. Hope your weekend is as happy as ours is.

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