Saturday, July 25, 2009

Final Saturday Report.... our patient is higher than a kite...

Hey guys....

Rather than call Dom, I called his nurse a little while ago. He's been knocked out all day. I MIGHT call him this evening.... he needs his sleep.

Did 60 lengths in the pool today. Feel great.

Amy, best childhood friend in Ohio, booked a flight for Friday. Spending 4 nights- her husband is being a doll about it.

Here's today's numbers. BTW: Nurse Colleen told me that on DAY 10, we can start looking for an increase in his White Blood Cells. I told Dom to CONCENTRATE!!!!!!!

Day +8
HCT: 25.8
WBC: 0.1
ANC: 0
PLATELETS: 48 (getting more today....trying to keep him above 50)

Will head in tomorrow with a Sunday paper for him. Adios, gang....

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