Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a quick "hello" and neat sunset photo

Hi gang...

Just a quick note and a neat photo.

Dom is looking and feeling GREAT. We had a fun Friday- went to get my hair cut in Picayune, then shot into Bogalusa to try a new Mexican joint for lunch. Yo-Yo's. Yummy! Will never go to Maria's again.

Finished up with a beer at the L&C.

Spent the entire weekend "playing in the dirt" (as friend Fawn would say). Gardens ready to plant with veggies when we get home from Florida in a couple of weeks. Weeded, put down black plastic/mulch, and ready to go.

Heading to Bogy again tomorrow for my first "CROWN" on a molar. *cringing*

Tulane on Thursday for Dom's infusion. Man, what fun it is now that we only have to make an appearance once every 3 weeks.

Love to you all..... posting a pic of a recent kick-ass sunset here.

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