Friday, July 22, 2011

Dom's VA Visit and My Bloodwork

Happy Friday, Gang!

Wanted to check in again..... Yesterday morning we left our house for a trip to the VA Hospital in Biloxi.  (Obligatory check up with his VA Oncologist).  Our driveway is 3/4 of a mile.  When I got out of the car to unlock our gate, Dom started laughing at me.... I left the house with 1 Birkenstock and 1 Slipper.  Whoops!

Drove back to the house, got rid of the ratty slipper and hit the road.

The Biloxi VA is always a very pleasant visit.  GREAT people.  We did more chit-chat than anything else.  Have to go back in four months.

Took the scenic route on the beach through Gulfport, Long Beach, Bay St. Louis and Waveland.  Hadn't been West of Gulfport since shortly after Katrina.  Wow.  It was unrecognizable.  We felt lost in our old stomping grounds.

Headed North through The Kiln (childhood home of Brett Favre), shot across to Picayune, then up to Bogalusa for lunch at Yoyo's Mexican Restaurant.  Put a couple of hundred miles on the corvette.  Very pleasant 2-lane roads all of the way there and back.

I got a rather disturbing call about my bloodwork.  Doc's nurse practioner wants me to start taking Tricor. 

Bloodwork showed my Cholesterol at 259.  Doc likes his patients well under 200.  My Triglycerides were a whopping 331.  Normal is under 150.

So, did a little research and decided that I wasn't crazy about this drug.  Called Doc's nurse to confirm that HE was OK with this.  Nope.  Glad I called!  Stop drinking, stop smoking, blah, blah, blah, while on Tricor or just try to bring it down naturally.  That's precisely the way I'm going.  Going to try to tweek my diet and go in for more bloodwork in 3 months.  

Also need an appointment for a colonoscopy (it's been well over 5 years) and a Bone Density Scan now that I'm menopausal.  

Wednesday we'll head back to Tulane for Dom's BONE MARROW BIOPSY and the remainder of his childhood immunizations.

I'm glad that we love all of our doctors.... we sure spend enough time with 'em!  Have a great weekend, gang!


Sandy said...

Nan - You may think I'm crazy, but here are a couple of things to do to begin dropping those numbers.
1) GET RID OF THE MICROWAVE... never ever use it to heat anything up again. It alters the molecular structure of food AND water and causes health issues. (Check it out on the web, if you think I'm kidding.)
2) Eat large breakfasts, medium lunch and forget about anything like a three-course meal after 3 pm... rule of meals:eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at noon and a pauper at night.
3) Walk those lovely sandy beaches for at least 40 minutes a day, preferably after your mid-day meal.
4) When you drink water, bless it... avoid water with flouridation and chlorine. Both of these chemicals affect your liver's performance.
5) Last - for now - don't use anything with ASPERTAME in it - no SweetNLow, no chewing gum, no diet drinks...etc. If you want sweet, add stevia (found at many stores now) but make sure it's pure. Aspertame turns into formaldehyde in your liver and stops it from functioning properly.
Send with love from the jungle....

Anonymous said...

Sandy, you are a doll and I love you from afar!

Those were great PRACTICAL tips. I just printed them. I can easily handle #1.

#2 is going to be rough...I normally don't eat until 7 pm at night... just a glass of buttermilk and some cottage cheese to nibble on during the day.

#3 will be a breeze... just the incentive to get back to my beach stroll!

#4 is great... we've got well water here in MS. I'll switched to bottled water at the beach.

#5 will and can do.

Thank you, my love! xoxo