Monday, July 18, 2011

Fourth of July Food, Fun and Fireworks

Mammoth Steamed Shrimp from Buddy's

Dom's Hand.....look at the size of these!

Hi gang.... Wanted to post a handful of pics from the Fourth of July.  Brother Ric flew in from Ohio for an 8 night visit.

July 4th was FABULOUS!  We ordered oodles of food from Tina's boyfriend, Brian....owner of Buddy's Seafood Market and Steam Bar.

The 3 of us feasted on the balcony with 3 pounds of steamed shrimp, 3 pounds of snow crab legs, 2 lobster tails, potatoes, corn, drawn butter and some kick-ass cocktail sauce.  What a delight!  Brian might just have me spoiled when it comes to his shrimp and cocktail sauce.  Thanks again, man!

After the sun went down, the fireworks started.... just as amazing as last year.  Many exploding right in front of our balcony.  These were all residents and condo renters.... I can't begin to guess the amount of money that private individuals spent on the beach with these gorgeous displays.  Unreal!

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Sandy said...

I have to post a reminder to myself, "DO NOT read Dom and Nan's postings until after dinner," as I end up salivating all over my keyboard!!!