Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Very Productive Day at Tulane Cancer Center

Hi Gang-

Dom and I were at the beach for a couple of weeks, thus no posts.  However, we're back, he's feeling great and it's full-speed ahead!

Hit the ground running this morning.  Drove to Tulane.  While Dom signed in for his monthly Zometa infusion and doctor's visit, I dropped off his 24 hour urine specimen. (more reliable at detecting Myeloma cells than blood tests).

Caught up with our patient to learn that they had cut him loose from his monthly infusion!  Yippee!

Next, had visit with Dr. Safah and a couple of her gals and had some bloodwork.  She ordered the normal CBC, as well as an M-Spike reading.  That we'll get back in maybe 10 LONG days.  Our Colleen gave him 3 more childhood vaccinations, then sent him across the street to the Medical Center for a Full Skeletal Survey.  (looking for any lesions).

We return in 2 weeks for a Bone Marrow Biopsy  (Done by John Rink, my hero over there) and 3 final vaccinations.

A couple weeks later, we'll have to go in to discuss the Biopsy  (making us come in to discuss it whether it's good or bad news.... this is putting a cramp in our beach time!)   *grinning)

Dr. S. is confident that all will be well, and doesn't expect to have to see him for a few months.

No more Zometa.  No more Thalidomide.  No more Coumadin.   We're in heaven, gang.

Dom's "2nd birthday" will be Sunday, July 17th.... please send prayers to my birthday boy!  Love to all of you-



Christine said...

This makes me soooooooooo happy!
Love to you both!! xoxo

Sandy said...

Feliz Compleanos Secondo!!! And many more...