Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Doctor Visit for Dominic Today

We just got back from handsome Dr. Culasso's office. This was a follow-up from Dom's Florida ER visit last week.

He spent alot of time poking, prodding, listening, wiggling his head, looking into his eyes, etc.

He's not concerned about Dom's passing out. He blames it on dehydration from all of the sun in the convertible and beer that day. Just to be safe, he's scheduling a CT SCAN, a CAROTID ARTERY ULTRASOUND, and a STRESS TEST for next week.

This guy has been our doctor for 25 years. Love him to death. Extremely thorough, as well as easy on the eyes. *grinning*

Heading to Tulane Cancer Center tomorrow for a 2 hour infusion and an appt. with Dr. Safah. Then back there on Monday to meet with one of their Prostate Cancer specialists. We're growing very weary of doctors, but hanging in there!

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