Thursday, November 13, 2008

TULANE CANCER CENTER TODAY- Dr. Safah, Infusion and a diagnosis of Anaphylaxis!

Hi gang.

We had a busy, busy day again. Fought rush hour traffic into New Orleans for our Cancer Center visit.

As usual, the gals at Tulane were happy to take us early, and got the ball rolling immediately.

Dr. Safah asked about our Ft. Myers ER visit last week. We'd told her what was happening on Dr. Culasso's side (tests next week), but said that we had failed to mention to him that Dom was broken out in HIVES.

She and her assistant looked at each other and confidently told us that Dom had gone into ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK that night! Between the hives and the difficulty finding a pulse (minimal blood pressure), she's certain that it was an allergic reaction to SOMETHING HE ATE.... it's driving us crazy. Leftover pizza for breakfast, crackers, cheese and sausage at Diane and Jerry's, then 1 taco, then out like a light. It doesn't make any sense, other than the fact that his blood counts are all mixed up....maybe that caused the histamines to invade his body like that? *shrugging my shoulders*

It must have helped that his body has been full of steroids. In fact, she has continued the steroid treatment because of this.

So, off we went to the INFUSION ROOM for his monthly 2 hour drip of AVIDIA, as well as a "total blood count" and a separate PSA reading. We have an appointment with one of their Urologists on Monday to address the PROSTATE ISSUE.

It seems to be never-ending, gang.

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Jennifer said...

How bizarre, not to mention frustrating. Hugs and kisses!