Friday, November 7, 2008


Hi gang-

We're home- safe and sound.

In general, we had a lovely time in Florida. I'll be uploading photos and such this weekend.

Monday, however, was like a nightmare. Honestly, I've never been so frightened in my life.

We arrived at Diane and Jerry's home on Monday afternoon. After a bit of unpacking, the 4 of us went to the MOOSE LODGE for "Mexican Night". $2 Margaritas and tacos. All was well.

We were taking pictures, playing a "trivial pursuit" game with the other members, having a grand old time.

Sitting at a table, Diane was seated directly opposite of Dom. Suddenly, she gave out a scream, "CALL 911".

Much to my horror, Dom's eyes had rolled into the back of his looked like something out of a movie.... all you could see were the whites of his eyes. He didn't fall, just tilted his head back and lost consciousness.

There was NO WARNING. One minute he's yelling out trivia answers, eating a taco, and then NOTHING.

Luckily, there was a nurse there. She "brought him back" in about 5 minutes using a cold compress on the back of his felt like a lifetime. She had a difficult time finding his pulse. Honestly, the consensus was that he was on his way out.

After he "woke up", he was fine. We went by ambulance to Health Park Hospital. The EMT guys did bloodwork on him. In the ER, they gave him a chest xray and an EKG. Everything looked fine, so they released him. *sighing*

So, upon our return to D & J's, I was on the phone to Tulane Cancer Center. Left an emergency message, and one of their doctors called me around midnight. (These folks never cease to amaze me). As he was back to normal, the guy wasn't terribly concerned, but was shocked that the ER didn't do a CT SCAN.

Diane and I were up all night checking on our patient. He had a wonderful night's sleep.

Tuesday morning, I spoke to Dr. Safah's nurse, Amy. She called back, saying that Dr. Safah didn't think that this was cancer related at all. Wanted our PRIMARY CARE doc, Miguel Culasso, to run a total work up on him. to Slidell bright and early on Wednesday morning for "THE WORKS".

In retrospect, I believe that they'll find nothing wrong. We had the top down on the Corvette for about 14 hours.....he got very sunburned (as you can see in these pictures). These medications, especially the Thalidomide- are kicking his ass. I think that his body was just telling him to SLOW DOWN.

Will update blog later today or tomorrow, my dear friends and family!

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