Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KKK, Black Panthers, Obama, And Bogalusa Louisiana

Here we go again! Hang on to your hats.... the shit's going to hit the fan:


I'll be following any developments, but in the meanwhile, here are some snippets:

“Obviously all of the publicity about the KKK is just the wrong type of news for Louisiana and does nothing to improve our image nationwide. It will not get any better in the weeks ahead because today it was announced that the black radical group, the New Black Panther Party, are planning a protest march for Friday December 5 in Bogalusa. The rally is in response to the KKK incident and the media attention surrounding the white supremacist group. The rally might trigger a counter rally from KKK members, so there could be chants of “white power” and “black power.” There is also the threat of violence that will be hanging over the event.”
While the KKK was founded upon white supremacy, the New Black Panther Party appears to be predicated upon hate and disdain for whites.
It would be a shame if a small town of Bogalusa Louisiana became the next Jena pitting some whites against some blacks and grabbing the headlines and attentions of the nation.

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