Monday, April 27, 2009

The BEGINNING.........

Well, gang-  It's started!  Things are going to be moving pretty quickly.

I just hung up the phone with the Transplant Coordinator.  She reports that Dr. Safah said that Dominic is doing "great", she's very pleased with all of his bloodwork, and as soon as she gets the go-ahead from Dr. Culasso (last week's tests), we'll be going full speed ahead.

This is what we've been waiting for, but suddenly, I'm freaked out.  Seriously.  It's a reality, or soon to be one.  *she types whilst breathing deeply*

I told her that I was concerned about the Swine Flu, as Dom will have no immune system.  Told her the timing really sucks.  She assured me that he'll be isolated for weeks in the hospital.  Isolated in the halfway house next to the hospital for a couple of weeks, and will probably have to wear a mask.

She doesn't want us going to events with alot of people or eating at buffets.

I said, "are you kidding?  We're going to isolate ourselves in Metairie.... we plan on being like newlyweds".  That delighted her.  So, we're on our way.

As soon as we hear from Culasso, we'll have them fax her the results.  And so it begins... keep Dom in your thoughts and prayers, guys.  Will update when I hear anything.

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JANIE said...

Good luck guys. At least now you can look forward to getting it over with rather than playing the waiting game. We are definately thinking of you right now.I hope all goes well, and please keep us up to date.
Sending our love,