Saturday, April 18, 2009


Wow, you guys!  Remember the beautiful flowers, chocolates and teddy bear from a couple of weeks ago?

It came from our dear friend, Levi Baron, from the island of Dominica.

Levi is a tour-guide who knocked our socks off.  We've been warm friends for a few years now.

Honestly... when the flowers arrived with no card, I had a gut feeling that it was from Levi.  Even asked the local florist who did the arrangement.  (He didn't know).

Just found out via email that it was our dear Levi.

Please, folks... if any of you are cruising/vacationing on Dominica, let me know.  Levi will show you a helluva-good-time!

LEVI-  WE LOVE YOU, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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