Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toured our "New Home".... The Gatehouse Apartments

"Hi gang!   We had a great day today.  Called up the GATEHOUSE APARTMENTS and headed across the lake to look at a couple of 1 BR units.

Loved the complex.  Loved the staff.  Loved the floor plan of the smaller of 2 offered.  Great vibes throughout the time we were there.

Dom and I will be very happy there!  Our gal, Sherri, was a doll.  Told me to give her a call when we're ready, and she'd hold a unit for us for up to a month.  Perfect!

Afterwards, we drove over to Chris' house, only to find that he wasn't at home.  So, headed back to the Northshore for lunch at The Times Bar and Grill in Mandeville.  Good stuff.

Put the top down, and cruised home.

Both of us feel really good about this property in Metairie!

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