Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a rather low-key weekend.  Pleasant, but mellow.

We did nothing out of the ordinary on Good Friday.

On Saturday, Linda and Paul came over for a few hours.  We had a really nice visit.  They were playing disc-golf in Poplarville, so stopped here on their way back to Metairie.  Dom had picked up a box of Popeyes, so we were able to feed them.  *smiling*  It was the first time that the boys met, and it went very well.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, Dominic felt bad.  He got out of bed just long enough to eat my gourmet dinner.  He was extremely TIRED.  Today, on the other hand, he feels great, and has been puttering around the property.

I cooked a FABULOUS boneless leg of lamb.  Smeared olive oil, sliced green onions, alot of roasted garlic paste, thyme and lemon juice on it, then rolled and tied up.   Oh God-  It didn't even need mint sauce, but I used it anyway....out of habit.

Watched Ben Hur for 4 hours yesterday.  48 years old, and had never seen it!  Wow.  What a good movie.  It'll be one of those annual "must sees" for us.  (Friday it was the "10 Commandments")

That's about all I know.  We're heading into Metairie tomorrow to take a look at the 1 bedroom apartments at the Gatehouse.  If it's a nice day, we'll probably take the Vette.....finishing the day with a visit to Chris' house.  Looking forward to both things!

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