Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday was absolutely exhausting.  We headed into Sli-Dull bright and early.  This morning, Dom and I decided that we had made 18 stops.  (His maw, shopping, taxes, doctor...... happily, our last stop was the L&C in Bogalusa for a couple of ice cold beers).


We spent quite a bit of time with Dr. Culasso.  He scheduled 6 different outpatient tests at Northshore Hospital to do a "Syncope Work-Up".  (Dom's 2 fainting experiences).

On Monday, April 20th, they'll concentrate on his brain.  He'll have a Carotid Artery Ultrasound, a Brain MRI, and an EEG.

Then, on Wednesday, April 22nd, they'll concentrate on his heart.  He'll have a Stress Test, an EKG, and they'll put a 24 hour Holter monitor on him.

Then, back to Slidell the next day to return the monitor.  I'm tired already just thinking about it!


Asked the good doctor what his gut feeling was.  Very likely could be dehydration.  When I mentioned that there may be a problem with his blood pressure medication, he gave me a wave of dismissal.

Went on to stress the importance of these tests, drawing a parallel between Dom and  a "plane ready for takeoff..... any weaknesses will cause a crash".  Also compared him to an old piece of wood....dried up, rather than young and full of moisture.  Suggested Dom drink a glass of water in between beers.

As you can probably tell, we adore this man.  Love his bedside manner.  Always hugs and kisses.  Amusing analogies..... rather than say, "You're getting old", he'll say, "You're growing up".  Love the man.  OK....enuf gushing about Miguel Culasso, MD.  *smiling*


The word for today is relaxation.  Didn't even get out of bed until 11am.  Heavenly!

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