Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plumbing Headaches and a Pleasant Visit from Joe

Hi gang.

Can you believe that it's THURSDAY already? Man. Where does the time go?

All is well here. Wet, but good. 70 degrees and Balmy.

Since Dom's mom passed away, his Aunt Lou has continued living in her home. Now we seem to have a "new mamma". ;)

Her toilet backed up last week. Dom tried to fix it. No luck. Hired a plumber who THOUGHT he'd fixed it for about 150 bucks last Tuesday.

Aunt Lou called us on Friday. Toilet backed up again. *sighing*

Met said plumber at the house this past Tuesday. The guy snaked it, but couldn't figure out what the problem was. Dom told him that it HAD to be fixed, and he probably needed to lift the toilet.

The plumber found the TOP OF A CAN that fit perfectly in the pipes.... it acted as a "valve". They were able to snake it, but then it would close up. A CAN TOP! It had been opened with a can opener, so was either people or dog food. In the toilet! Jeez.... figure that one out. *sighing* So, IF "Drain Surgeon" deems that we owe them money, they'll send us a bill. Otherwise, no problem.

Picked up our taxes, did some banking then came home. It made for a long day.

Dom's cousin Joe (who I adore) stopped here yesterday for the night. He's driving to Los Angeles to pick up his Chinese fiancée who is flying in on Sunday night.... with a marriage Visa. I'm very happy for him. They're going to sightsee on the way home.... LA, Frisco, Vegas, Grand Canyon...etc. Should be quite exciting for her, as she has never been out of her country before.

So, had a nice visit, some good burgers on the grill, and then sent him on his way this morning.

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