Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waiting for the Big News....

Dom and I headed to Tulane on Thursday for our monthly appointment with Dr. Safah. They did some bloodwork and will test it to confirm that he's in REMISSION. God, I hope so. He looks good and feels good....we should find out something in about a week.

Years ago, Dom had surgery on his right shoulder... a torn rotater cuff. Now he finds that he can't lift his LEFT arm above shoulder level. Dr. S ordered an x-ray and will send it to his surgeon in Slidell. Personally, I'd prefer to keep everything at Tulane, but he likes the guy who did his right soldier. Dr. Jorge Sanchez. So, we're waiting to hear about the results of that, too.

Doc is very pleased with his health and told us that we can cut WAY down on visits. From now on, it'll be every 3 weeks for his infusion.... and every 6 weeks for Dr. Safah. What in the hell are we going to do with all of this spare time??? *smiling*

There was horrid traffic in the city, so drove up to the Lakefront, and took the "scenic route" into NOLA EAST for a change. My, how things have changed! Still so many homes unoccupied...all boarded up, lawns full of weeds. How sad.

I had a bad bout of insomnia the night before. Only had a couple hours of sleep, so took a nap on the way home from NOLA. Made a quick stop at WalMart in Picayune, then headed into Bogalusa for our favorite Chinese buffet.

Miss Piggy here outdid herself. Probably broke my own record of food consumption. I think that they cringe when they see me walking across the parking lot... "Hurry!!! More dumplings... more eggrolls!!! Here comes Jumbo!!!!".

Stopped at the L&C for 2 beers after eating. Very nice day.

I spent yesterday weeding all of our flower beds. First bit of real exercise I've had since swimming laps at the apartment last fall. Woke up this morning feeling VERY OLD and SORE.

Spent today getting the gardens weeded and ready to plant in a couple of weeks. We skipped our gardening last Spring, and are both excited about returning to "normal".

So.... my next post will probably be the results of Dom's latest test. Keep the prayers and good vibes coming, gang.... they seem to have done wonders!

Love to all of you:

Nan and Dom

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