Friday, November 2, 2012

GMO Food Labeling: Lies and the Lying GMO Food Liars Who Tell Them

It’s no surprise that Monsanto and their agribusiness and Big Food industry friends are spending upwards of $40 million to keep Californians in the dark about genetically modified (GMO) foods. Their anti-Prop 37 campaign intends to run nonstop TV, radio and (if they could) subliminal-beamed-into-your -brain messages designed to scare you about this simple ballot measure that would require labels on GMO foods sold in California grocery stores.



Becca Blossoms said...

gmo food list helps general people. Like humans, all organisms have genetic material. When scientists alter genetic material, or DNA, it's called genetic modification (GM). Genetically modifying foods or food crops can enhance taste and quality, increase nutrients or improve resistance to pests and disease and here is gmo food list. In some cases, gmo food list help conserve natural resources, because the altered version might require less water or energy for processing.

Dom and Nan said...


"Improved resistance to pests and disease?"

Do your homework, unless of course you're another MONSANTO HACK.

You can have my share of GMO products. Enjoy. Hope that it doesn't kill your family....don't drink Monsanto's "kool aid". They're probably the most evil selfish company on the face of the planet.

Rant over. Have a pleasant weekend.