Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Do you know which foods in your grocery story contain GMO’s? If you are like most of us, the answer is likely “no”. Unless the FDA mandates that all “Genetically Modified Organism” food be labeled, consumers will not likely have a clue to what is in their food. The good news is there’s a “phone app” for that and a downloadable shopping list to help you guard against these products.
The downloadable Non-GMO Shopping Guide, ( specifically details the currently known food products containing GMO’s. If you are unaware of which foods contain these detrimental GMO’s, then download the free app or list to help make it easier for you to avoid them.
Consumers are becoming more aware of the damaging effects linked to food and products treated with “Genetically Modified Organism’s” (GMO) and their potential negative outcome on your future health. Chemicals (aka pesticides) injected into plants and animals (from cultivation to production), are used as a method of preserving and producing food, while becoming very common in America.
The side effects from GMO’s had been widely controversial and mostly hidden from the public’s view. In recent years, illness and disease have been directly linked to these products. The following list represent the top 10 most highly consumed foods containing “GMO’s”:
*Corn (many food products contain high fructose corn syrup, etc.)
*Soy (including Tofu)
*Aspartame (sweetener)
*Sugar (sugar beets)
*Cotton (cotton oil)
*Papayas (mostly grown in Hawaii and banned in other countries)
*Dairy (20% of dairy cows in America receive growth hormones, while 27 other countries ban them)
*Canola oil (obtained from rapeseed)
*Zucchini and Yellow squash (the Bt toxin used in corn has recently been detected in both of these)
Remember:  Any food containing any of the above are potential products containing GMO's. 
Before your make another trip to the grocery story, make a list with the healthier GMO-free food.  Also, take the time to read the labels and know what you're eating. Once you form this new “habit” your health will greatly thank you for it in the end!
Quick Tips for Wellness: Organic is the only alternative to GMO food. Knowledge is power. Both are for your wellness.


Sandy said...

I have posted this link on several sites on FB, including the MM support group one, and put a link to your blog on mine in an article about eating well... it won't be coming out just yet, so if you don't want me to do that, please advise. I do so appreciate this NON-GMO info because I am totally against genetic modification of anything. Good work, y'all!

Dom and Nan said...

absolutely, honey..... spread the word!

Dom and Nan said...

As you can tell, Monsanto is my new target!