Monday, November 5, 2012

No Agent Orange Soy & Corn Deceptive Food - Yes On California Prop 37

There are numerous articles all over the Internet, in University Libraries and Databases about Agent Orange, birth defects and cancer. This is actually much more current news now than it was during Viet Nam -- because of what the Pesticide (read that word as * poison *) lobby is doing with Agent Orange and your food supply.

Digressing to who is the Pesticide Lobby, those who petition government for carcinogenic poisons to be listed as non-carcinogenic poisons, etc. Think of Dow and Monsanto as the father of poison, BASF and Syngenta as the son of poison and Dupont and Bayer as the holy ghost of poison. Excuse the irreverence, but you cannot have the fathers, sons and holy ghosts of insecticides and weed killers without having the others. What one does, the others follow suit or similarly do. If one makes Agent Orange Corn, the others start working on Agent Orange Barley, Rice or possibly wheat.

The pesticide poison industry is running TV ads saying that they are the victims of some bizarre lawyers scheme (they are implying yes on Prop 37 California GMO labels are a scheme to make lawyers rich). Yes on 37 is to at least give you, a person who eats food, a clue that GMO Corn or GMO Soy is in something you can buy or put back on the shelf at the grocery store. If you know it is GMO Corn or Soy, you have a good clue it is Agent Orange Corn or Soy. Look at what Agent Orange in rice and taro did to the Vietnamese people in the links above.

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