Monday, November 5, 2012

In University of Miami study, stem cell injections repair damaged heart

Stem cells taken from a third party donor or a patient’s own bone marrow are found to reduce scar tissue and helped increase the volume of healthy heart tissue in recent study.

When he was only 43, Peter Harrison had a severe heart attack that left him suffering from the symptoms of a damaged heart: shortness of breath, chest pain and increased risk of another heart attack. An otherwise healthy commercial real estate agent from Key Biscayne, Harrison was in and out of the hospital for 20 years treating his heart condition until last year when doctors at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine injected his heart with stem cells as part of a study.
Three weeks later, he was hiking the steep hills of the U.S. Virgin Islands, keeping up with his wife.
“There was no chest pain and I was not out of breath — it was quite a revelation,” he said. “I was hoping that the damaged part of my heart would come back to life, and the indication is that it has.”

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