Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Scare With Dom's Mom

While I was playing with Beth and Henry on Sat, (MANY miles away from Slidell) I got a call from ma's nursing home. She had been rushed to Slidell Memorial Hospital. Her sugar dropped into the twenty's. She was dangerously close to a Diabetic Coma and was unconscious.

The week prior, her sugar had shot up to 380, and they were giving her insulin and oral medications to control it. She has been refusing to eat, thus the crash.

They pumped her full of glucose and her sugar is now at 188. High, but at her age, better high than low.

They're hoping to transport her back to the nursing home this morning. She has a 1:30 appointment with her hip surgeon that we'd like her to make. Lotsa luck trying to rush a hospital discharge. *sighing*

**Noon update... her sugar is up to 280. Hospital is releasing her now. She'll probably make her appointment with the surgeon.

Honestly.... both of my parents were diabetic.... dad on insulin. I've never been able to wrap my head around the disease. I'm totally stupid when it comes to Glucose Levels, other than 100 is "OK".