Sunday, November 8, 2009

Green Acres Cemetery, St. Mary's and Spahr's in Thibadoux

November 7th Road Trip- Lunch at Spahr's

We had a delightful time on Saturday.

Henry kindly picked me up at 8 am and we headed to Beth's. Jumped in her car and hit the road. Fueled up on coffee at PJ's, then headed South.

Crossed the 310 bridge over the river and drove down the Old Hwy 90..... Old Spanish Trail. Saw a bunch of Old Spanish Trailers, too! Grinning

Passed a neat Indian Shell Mound and Cemetery on the way to Bayou Gauche.

Beth was determined to find the Green Acres Cemetery in the area. It proved to be rather elusive, but sure enough.... she found it. Neat place. Right on the levee. While we were walking around, we heard such hilarity. We climbed up the levee to see 3 local boys jumping into the Bayou out of a tree. Christ... I wouldn't stick my toe in dere! And they were putting on a show for us. Really neat!

Took Route 632 back up to Des Allemands. Stopped at one of Spahr's locations to look for a gator.... found nothing but a cute sign and a scenic view.

Shot down 90 to Raceland. Stopped in to poke around an old black cemetery.... surrounded by sugar cane.

Spent quite some time at St. Mary's Nativity Cemetery. I found 2 confederate soldier graves. No dates, but were marked “CSA” (Confederate States of America). Beautiful place. Also had the grave of the first American casualty from WWII. Note photo of tombstone saying "CI GIT". That translates to "HERE LIES"

Drove Hwy 1 up to Thibodaux. Nice little town. We ended up eating at Spahr's in the “old town” area.

What a great place! When Christine is in town for Thanksgiving, I'm going to take her to the Des Allemands location for lunch.

Beth and Henry each had gumbo.... nice and dark, and loaded with crab. Also ordered some fried corn nuggets.... kinda like hush puppies, but filled with corn kernals.

I have to think that they were both jealous of my selection. I ordered their seafood salad. WOW! Mixed greens topped with loads of crabmeat, popcorn shrimp and a couple of crab claws... surrounded by hard boiled egg, black olives, artichoke hearts and sliced tomatoes. Ordered mine with their remoulade sauce on the side. Honest, the crab meat lasted till the final forkful of salad. I was a member of the Clean Plate Club!

From there, we took HWY 20 North through Chackbay. Passed a zillion lemon trees, and a fun looking bar: “THE G-SPOT”. An internet buddy was in there while we drove by. She took the picture you'll see. She said that there were VERY FEW men in there. They couldn't find it!!!!! HA HA HA

Stopped at the Gramercy Welcome Center and signed the guest book for our free bags of Zap's Potato Chips. Beth and Henry kindly sent theirs home with me for Dominic. They had a cute little nature trail that we walked.

That was about it, guys. Crossed the river to Vacherie and took Airline Hwy back to Beth the Beauty's home in Laplace.

Switched back to Henry's car and took a leisurly drive home. Was unable to do our now-regular Spillway drive.... flooding or something.

Anyway, it was another fun, fun day with my 2 relatively "new" dear friends!

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Anonymous said...

Could not find the G-Spot LOL!!!! Had a great time. I'm on the couch watching the game, recovering.