Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dominic Update

Hi gang-

Between the drama with Mrs. M and my weekly play dates, I haven't posted much about Dom lately.

Good news- In order for him to be in remission, the Myeloma proteins in his blood need to be at 0.00 His most recent bloodwork has him at 0.14 I just put a call into his favorite nurse to ask her to check what his protein levels were when he was diagnosed.

**UPDATE... haven't heard back from his nurse yet, but in reviewing pages of notes, I feel confident in posting the following numbers:

SEPT '08: 4.76 (day of diagnosis)
JAN '09: 0.81
FEB '09: 0.71
NOV '09: 0.14


Anyway, they're very happy with his progress. He is back on a combination of Thalidomide and Coumadin for "maintenance". That should knock out the rest of the cancer.

His hair has returned. He refuses to shave. I miss seeing his handsome face, but nevermind.... I choose my battles! *grinning*

He is maintaining his weight. Good appetite, but still no beer drinking. (That's how he's keeping his boyish figure... just bought a pair of 32 waist pants yesterday!) Taste buds are still off... stomach a little off, too. Still tires easily, but is getting better day by day.

Wanted to share this wonderful health update with you. Thanks again for all of your support during this horrid past year. We love you guys!

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