Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dominic Health Update

Firstly, let me say that this situation with his mother is not helping his own well being. The timing really sucks.

I called our favorite nurse, Susan, at the Cancer Center this week. Told her that Dom is continuing to lose weight.... rapidly. His appetite is back. I'm making decadent gravies, mashed potatoes, steaks, huge baked potatoes. Have a refrigerator full of high calorie Ensure for him. To no avail. He's down to 160 on our scale. Size 34 waist jeans are starting to get a little baggy.

After Susan spoke to Dr. Safah, she called me back. Doc looked over most recent blood tests to notice that his thyroid appears to be over-active. She wants to see him on Thursday. She's going to arrange an appointment with one of their endocrinologists with hopes that medication will nip this in the bud. By Thursday, we'll (he will..... I have my own doctor's appointment in Slidell) find out if he's in remission.

Too much chaos. I need to double up on my Prozac. Really. No fooling.

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