Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov 21- “HEY!!! It looks like it's clearing up!!!!” (St. Joe Plantation, Spahrs and Indian Shell Cemetery

Christine flew in on Friday night. Fun, fun, fun!

We had a lovely day yesterday.... put 180 miles in.

Weather was shitty.... drizzled all day. The phrase, “It looks like it's clearing up” was murmered perhaps 10 times during our road trip. It got to the point where passengers would reply with...”You're a LIAR!!!!!”. It never did “clear up” for us, but was a fun day.

Picked up Handsome Henry at 8am... took the long road to Laplace to pick up Beth.

First stop was St. Joseph's Plantation in Vacherie.....

Next stop was Spahr's Restaurant in Thibadoux.... we were there a couple of weeks ago. I had a most delightful seafood salad. Delightful enuf for almost everyone at the table to order the same yesterday. Bummer. Not nearly as loaded with crab and shrimp. POUTING

On the way home, stopped for a photo op at Spahr's in Des Allemands, then spent about an hour at the Indian Shell Mound Cemetery.

Attaching our route as well as my favorite picture from the day..... Let's label it as “THE THREE STOOGES”....

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